• FAQs


Can anyone who works in the public sector become a Solace Member?
Yes, if you are working as an existing or aspiring manager within the public sector you are eligible for Solace membership.
How do I register for membership?
You can contact a member of the team on 0207 233 0081 or email us at membership@solace.org.uk
How do I progress from an Early Career Leader to an Established Leader?

As an Early Career Leader you can become an Established Leader by:
Completing 3 years within a managerial/leadership role, Graduate scheme or equivalent.
We can help you reach the next step through our courses/programmes such as:
- Aspiring Future Sector Leaders
- Springboard programme
- ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management

Moving from Established to Executive Leader

You will need to be operating within the top 2 tiers of your organisation's management structure.

You can talk to one of our advisors about the right courses and programmes which can assist you with your next move, such as:
- ILM Level 7 in Leadership and Management
- Total Leadership Programme

If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your professional development please contact us on 0207 233 00 81 or email us at mailto:development@solace.org.uk

Do you offer group memberships?
Yes: if 5 or more people within an organisation would like to join, we can offer a discount off the total cost of membership.
5 or more members: 20% discount
15 or more members: 25% Discount
What happens when I join?
You will receive an invoice for your membership by email, if you haven’t paid this at the time of registering you will need to arrange for this to be paid within 30 days. You will be contacted by a member of the team to arrange a welcome call within the first month of your membership.
I am an associate with Solace in Business, am I eligible for membership?
Yes, please contact us to discuss which membership category is right for you on 0207 233 0081 or email us at membership@solace.org.uk
When will my membership start?
Your membership will start immediately upon joining
How can I pay my membership?
You can pay by credit/debit card, Bank Transfer or BACS; we also offer the option to pay by direct debit on either a quarterly or annual basis.
When will I get my renewal invoice?
Invoices are sent out 30 days before your date of renewal via email.
If I am paying for myself and move to another role and the authority wants to pay my annual fee, can I get a rebate on the months I have paid?
No, however we can provide you with a copy of your invoice should you wish to be reimbursed by your organisation through an internal expenses claim.
What do I do if I no longer want to be a Solace Member?
Membership of Solace is annual and cancellation of membership is permitted within 14 days of your initial or renewal invoice. Your cancellation request must be submitted in writing and all cancellations will be acknowledged.